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Disk Jockey

Venue Planning
Need a DJ? With a passion for music we offer DJ's for any type of event venues with great rates! We do indoor and outdoor events. All types of music available or do you need a theme style with just the right music? We can build you a playlist or play from our playlist! We also have bilingual DJ.
Weddings: We work with you to build your playlist for your wedding and can setup microphones so everyone can hear your wedding vows. Lots of options to pick from.
Wedding Receptions: Make all your announcements for you or provide microphone(s) to the special person(s) of your choice. Again we work with you to build your playlist and setup speakers so everyone can enjoy the music with a louder dance area for those party animals, you know who they are. Other option to consider; Lighting and smoke effects. Lighting effects moving to  the beat of the music is most common and just sets the mood. Smoke system enhances the lighting effects by showing the path of light instead of just the landing points.
Microphones: Wireless body packs x2, Wireless hand helt x4 and Wired.
(DJ) Disk Jockey, the one who loves to play music loud.
(MC) Master of Ceremonies, the one who loves to talk to much.
This is why we put the DJ before the MC just say, let's party.

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